Responding following Coach Fire on A5

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

On the morning of Friday 6th July, at 6:57 AM, we received an email requesting our help with a problem at Ivetsey Bank, located on the A5.

What happened?

After receiving the email, we learned that on the Thursday night prior, a coach full of children had caught fire at the scene of Ivetsey Bank. Ongoing works at Hilton Main were cancelled to allow us to immediately mobilise a team to respond to the incident. Upon arriving at the scene, and evaluating the problems we were faced with, in the end, an area of 150 square metres had to be planed out and resurfaced.

To make things interesting, there was a VW camper van festival taking place at Weston Park leading to extensive traffic jams along the route we were working on. In what was essentially quite a dire situation in beginning, at least there were some interesting vehicles around to look at while we had to wait for the planer and tarmac to arrive at the scene.

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